Award Winning Medi+ Glyco Wash

Award Winning Medi+ Glyco Wash


This best selling product just got even better .

This sensational reformulation of the bestselling Glyco Wash has been enhanced with 1% Lactic acid added as well as the aroma of lime, basil and mandariA trio of power acids work together to smooth and brighten for more of an even complexion. Suitable for all skin types to target cell renewal, open pores and textures of the skin.

"The Power of 3"

Key Actives:

🔥 Glycolic Acid : dissolves the bonds between the skin cells .

🔥 Salicylic Acid : deeply cleansing pores and a powerful antioxidant 

🔥Lactic Acid : moisturising whilst gently resurfacing 

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